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 Looking into the past of Ireland and its relationship to political identities, Emma's project, Other Lands explores the boarder of Fermanagh where the only indication of moving from North to South is a text message. The documentation of landscape here relates to a personal inquiry into her own relationship with Irish heritage.

Other Lands



Other Lands was self- published in 2022, as an A5, edition of one  book. Made with glass, tracing paper, oven-baked paper and newspaper. 

As the glass cover of the book is opened, there is a sense of fragility which carries on throughout the book. 

The textures and transparency created through the paper has made a unique object which must be interacted with to be fully understood. 

Text inside reads:

I found a passage hidden between other lands

The path led North
The sun shone South

I found a passage between other lands

Where I could be nowhere 
And neither side all at once 

I won’t go either direction 

Here it’s quiet. 
Here I’m home.

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